Character Profiles:(major Characters in order of appearance)

Rachel Brown: Daughter of Reverend Brown and girlfriend of Cates, Rachel's loyalty is torn. She is very insecure and doesn't want to face reality because she is afraid of her Father and how he might react if she defended Cates and his views. She never knew her mother and her dad is not much of a role model.

Cates: The Science teacher that read a chapter of Darwin to his class. He is a teacher at the same school that Rachel is. He deliberately broke the law and thinks that he was right in doing so.

Reverend Brown: Spiritual leader of the people of Hillsboro. His wife died and he only has one daughter, Rachel. Throughout the book, Brown is a very head-strung, zealous, and dramatic character. Sometimes, he takes things too far.

E. K. Hornbeck: Hornbeck writes for the Baltimore Herald newspaper. He is a very sarcastic character who is pretty much disgusted with everything around him, especially Brady.

Matthew Harrison Brady: Brady is the hero of Hillsboro in the beginning. A very respected and idolized man, he comes to Hillsboro as the prosecuting attorney.

Davenport: Also helping as a prosecuting attorney. Not as popular as Brady, Davenport does a lot of the questioning of the jury and such smaller jobs.

Mrs. Brady: More like a mother to Brady than a wife. She comforts and pampers him like a child.

Drummond: Bert Cates' defense attorney. According to the residents of Hillsboro, Drummond is an agnostic that has a reputation of winning cases that shouldn't have been won. He is a very hated man in Hillsboro, some even called him the Devil.

Judge: The judge of the trial. Sometimes biased and sustains some objections that were ridiculous, but other than that, does a fair job of regulating the trial.