Characterization Short Essay
Inherit the Wind teaches several moral lessons about being tolerant of other's beliefs without having to accept them as your own. Cates shows us one of the main lessons of the book Inherit the Wind. Bert Cates believes in giving his students the opportunity to learn for themselves. Cates stands up for what he believes in even if it breaks the law. He also doesn't give up the case even when all odds are against him and he ends up being a complete outcast to the little town of Hillsboro .

The second lesson is one of tolerance. Although someone may not have the same opinions as you, you can still agree to disagree (tolerate). Leave others the right to think for themselves, and share your opinion instead of forcing it upon them. In the book, the town of Hillsboro is intolerant of any idea of the beginning of the Earth other than Creation as stated in the Bible. Cates is rejected by everyone in the town for his actions. Cates was doing something his believed was right, and he shouldn't have been punished for it. Tolerance is a very important trait.

The is yet a third lesson that I took from Inherit the Wind. This lesson might not have been picked up by many others, but that is the point. When Cates ends up losing the trial, but only being charged a small fine, Drummond realizes that they did indeed won a victory of their own. I believe it is important to take note of the small, positive things in the midst of failure. For example, you can see how NOT to do something, and learn from it. In conclusion, Inherit the Wind is full of fables.