Course Reflections and Self EvaluationWhich of our three goals do you feel you improved upon the most? Better reader, better writer, or better speaker and listener?
I think I improved most being a better writer. I don't really like writing very much but I love reading and speaking/listening. But this year that changed a little bit and I found that some of the assumptions I've made about writing essays have changed.

How has this course helped me to become a more caring, competent, contributing citizen in an ever- changing global community?
Puting shopping carts away at walmart!!! Oh and I loved the books we read and the discussions they sparked.

What is one thing that will you take away from this class? What will you remember?
I liked this class because everyone seemed to put aside their differences and really have fun together. I will always remember all the interesting smart remarks people had to say once and a while :)

Did you achieve your personal goals for this course?

It sounds bad, but I honestly forget what my personal goals were. But I tried hard, and that's good enough for me.

Did you give your personal best?

BEST, no, I don't think you can give one thing your true BEST, but I did work hard.

What could you do to improve your performance?

Procrastination has always been a given, although this year has been better for that.