• Huckleberry Finn - The main charachter, boy that goes on a search for identity and a happy medium between his life with Pap, and his life with Miss. Watson. In his journey, he crosses paths with Jim and Huck has an internal struggle about abolition vs. believing in white superiority.
  • Jim - Black slave seperated from his familiy that runs away from Miss. Watson once he learns that he might be sold further South. He runs away on a quest to gain his freedom and get his family back.
  • Pap - Rarely sober, only comes back for Huck when he hears that Huck has a large amount of money. He kidnappes Huck and takes him to an isolated cabin until he can figure out how to get Huck's money out of him.
  • Miss Watson - Took Huck in and trys to civilize him. Sends Huck to school, makes him wear clean clothes, feeds him religion. Huck doesn't like her at first, but then starts not to mind so much.
  • Tom Sawyer - One of Hucks friends. Highly imaginative. Reads lots of books and incorperates in into reality to start a 'gang' of sorts.