Inherit The Wind

By: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

The book Inherit the Wind is based off of the Scopes Monkey Trial. This trial dealt with the major conglict over the Butler Law which stated that school teachers could not teach any account of how the world began other than Creation as told in the Bible. In the book, there are two major conflicts going on. The first, and most important, is the trial itself and the battle of evolution vs. creationism. Two famous experts come to the little town of Hillsboro to take part in this memorable trial. The second conflict is within one of the main characters, Rachel Brown. Rachel is the daughter of the zealous spiritual leader of Hillsboro as well as the girlfriend of Cates, the science teacher. Rachel is forced to chose for herself what is truth. Although Rachel's change is the most drastic of all characters, everyone in Hillsboro learns the lesson that appearance is not always reality.

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