Charachter Profiles

Elie - The author and main charachter of the book. He is a young man at the time of the German invasion and liquidation of their town of Sighet.
Schlomo - Elie's father, once a respected leader in the community of Sighet. He cares deeply about his son.
Moishe the Beadle - The mentor that Elie secretly sought out. He also gets taken away and escapes death, comes back to Sighet, but all the residents ignore is rantings as madness.
Mrs. Schachter - Separated from most of her family, the emotional damage causes her to go insane. At first those in the car are sympathetic toward her yelling, but then they start beating and gagging her.
Rabbi Eliahu - An old rabbi who falls behind in the run, but searches for his son afterward.
Rabbi Eliahu's Son -
When he sees his father falling behind, he goes a little faster, deserting Rabbi Eliahu.
Stein of Antwerp - Elie gives Stein false reason to live by telling him that his family is doing well. Once Stein recieves news of their death, he commits suicide.