• What is meant by the American Dream?
The American Dream is the picture people have of how they will be in the future. It is how they define success.
  • Is the American Dream still a viable element today?
Yes, It is entirely up to the person's dedication and how realistic their American Dream is.
  • Is the American Dream a destructive or empowering force, or a combonation of both?
The force of the American Dream is both destructive and empowering. It is destructive because being human, we tend to fall into a cycle of wanting more no matter how much we have. Sometimes, if people reach their American Dream, they are not any more content then when they began. However, without having a goal in mind we can work towards whether it is realistic or not.
  • What constitutes a genuine friendship?
In my mind, genuine friendship is marked when you have someone that you can be yourself around, let your guard down, and not have to worry about them not liking you, making fun of you, and knowing that they care about you.
  • What can we learn from reading this book?
This book provokes thought about how moral it is to kill animals or humans and under what conditions. What amount of pain, suffering do they have to be enduring until it would be better if they died. It also shows how everyone needs someone else. George has Lennie, Crooks is deprived of having anyone else to talk to, Candy has his dog, and Curley's wife doesn't feel that Curley gives her enough attension, so she looks elsewhere for it.