Character Profiles
George: Takes care of Lennie. He is very selfless, although sometimes harsh in his frustrations. He sticks with Lennie despite his tendency to find trouble for the both of them.

Lennie: Mentally retarded man who travels with George. Lennie has an obsession with furry things. His bulky figure is intimidating and he always seems to get into trouble, but he has good intentions.

Candy: The swamper (or janitor) of the ranch. He has no left arm and gets increasingly useless as he gets older. He has a beloved dog that the other ranchands convince Candy into handing over to be shot in the back of the head to put it out of it's misery. Afterwards, Candy wished he had done it himself. Candy is willing to contribute a fair amount of money towards George and Lennie's ranch if they will allow him to go with them.

Curley: Boss's son who likes to pick fights with everyone.

Curley's Wife: Being attention deprived, Curley's beautiful wife flirts around begging for attention from the other men on the ranch. She is beautiful but no one really pays attention to her. She once had a dream of becoming a movie star, but that a fairytale now.

Slim: He is respected man on the ranch. Ultimatly, he had the 'power' to call the shots about Candy's dog and he threatened Curley.

Crooks: The african-american slave that has a crooked back (hence the nickname Crooks). Crooks has been at the ranch a while and is familiar with the cycle

: Killed Candy's dog.